My IRL Interview with @cecedupraz

Hello there! This is me in about 1977 on my Birthday receiving an antique doll almost as big as me! My Great Grandfather, Ash brought this doll back from France when he returned from World War 1 in 1917, It was for my Grandmother, Miriam Ash (Mimi).  It has 2 little cords underneathe the dress. One says, "Mama" the other says "Papa". Both in a French accent!

In my family, we hold on to things for generations. Hence all the antique furniture that has been in my family for years! When I think of the  "Draw Your Own" Collection of gifts by Cece Dupraz, it is like a modern version of holding onto a moment in time. It is such a thoughtful gift that the recipient will have for years! 

I am beyond thrilled and honored to be partnering with @cecedupraz on their "Draw Your Own" Collection of Gifts. If you live in the DMV, you can see these amazing (one of Oprah's Fave Things, 2018) gifts IRL!

@cecedupraz asked me a few questions so that we could get to know eachother. Below are the questions & my unedited responses...

Cece Dupraz: What's your favorite gift you've been given and why?

Emily @ W+S: I love to receive a gift that has personal significance between the giver and myself. It could relate to an inside joke between us or anything that reminds me of that person when I look at it. I received a beautiful picture frame from a friend but the best part was the picture in the frame was of the 2 of us laughing... I remember that exact moment and how happy I was.

CD: What's your favorite gift to give and why?

Emily @ W+S: The W+S Hand Towels for all Holidays- a festive collection of hand towels for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day. Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving &
Christmas...They are unique to W+S! This way the recipient always has a
festive and fresh hand towel for the powder room. Often times, I will just tie
one on a bottle of wine to gift.

CD:  What's a silver lining for you comes to mind from one year into a

Emily @ W+S: Having more time with my family. My 2 boys are in that “sweet spot” ages of 11 & 15. They still like to hang with their parents but just enough
independence to not need us for everything during this difficult time.
I am a real “homebody” & Wiggle+Scoot is based out of my home, so I have enjoyed the extra time I have had over the last year growing my business.

CD: What is your advice (life/work) to another mother (or woman interested in starting her own business, or even just in this time of massive change and in turn, opportunity)?

Emily @W+S: It is harder than you think, but the rewards are greater than you imagine...Lean into the hustle... You’re setting an example not only for your children,but also to other women out there who dream of starting their own
business... Be kind to others because you never know what role they can
play in your growth... Your personal brand is all you have-- so represent it

CD:What is something you love about owning your own business / doing what you do?

Emily @ W+S: The flexibility! I also love that I can dream up an idea or create something and put it out there and have people love it & buy it! Very rewarding!

CD: What is something you struggle with?

Emily @ W+S: Being the decision-maker for literally every aspect of my business. I do however constantly show things to my friends and say, sell it or skip it?? I finally in 2019, (after 12 years in business) hired a bookkeeper to help me on that piece of my biz. That was a big deal. (In hindsight, I should have
done that much sooner). The numbers and accounting are not my strength.
The money, taxes and bookkeeping of my business are my least favorite
part. Learning to trust my instincts and how those decisions shape my potential for growth. When I make a bad business decision--whether it be a line I

decide to carry and its a flop or taking on a project & not charging enough
for my time, I know it’s all on me. The bright side of that is that if something
I buy ends up a bust, the local charities LOVE when I drop off a box of
tagged items that they can give to many families who might only receive
“used” stuff! And Wiggle + Scoot gets a little tax break :)

CD:  What is something you do in parenting that you may want to share that could inspire other mothers / parents? 

Emily @ W+S: We sit down as a family for dinner at least 4 times a week--at the table.With so many sports and activities on hold during the pandemic this has been actually easiest to accomplish. It really does bring us together. We
also have been watching different series on TV a lot more together.

CD:  To a group of women (many mothers) in a pandemic - what honesty/words of comfort would you share? 

Emily @ W+S: Oh my gosh, “electronics are ok!” I am not going to lie, my kids have played video games for 10+ hours in a single day during this pandemic. Initially, Iwas really hard on myself about this. Then I started to realize this time is hard on them and the video games are a way they connect and relax. We
all need a little “self love” and guilty pleasures. Even if it’s spent in front of
a screen for longer than they sleep. HAHA!

CD:  What strong mentors do you have in your life that you honor frequently?

Emily @ W+S: I know it sounds overused but I admire my Mom so much. Her husband (my Father) passed away when she was 42 & I was 14. She had to be
strong for my brother and I, but also manage everything about our lives
moving forward. She should have run a fortune 500 company because she
has great attention to detail & great business sense. She helped to pave
my way to be an independent thinker and a great judge of people’s
character. She always was weary of fake people and people who were
“showy” in any way, despite her financial means. She is also extremely
generous and has instilled in me the importance of philanthropy no matter
how small. She is very real!